Is Israel Already Ahead of the Curve in Aircraft Sterilization?

Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) recently began testing UV light technology to disinfect aircraft. The technology is adapted from UV-C technology currently and successfully used to disinfect C-19 units in two Tel Aviv hospitals.

The idea originated at another company (Dimer UCV) in 2014, and the food cart-sized GermFalcon is said to be able to disinfect a narrow-body aircraft in about 3 minutes. However, because UV-C rays can be harmful, studies are underway to devise protective shields or other devices to keep those operating the equipment safe.

IAI engineers are also working to engineer the system to work autonomously and automatically. In addition, more powerful electrical systems must be developed to handle UV light.

Thus, while the technology is still in developmental stages, we could be getting a first glance at what sanitization in the airline industry might look like in the future.

Once again, Israeli ingenuity looks to turn problems into innovations!

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