A Review of Amir Tsarfati’s New Book: The Day Approaching

The Day Approaching - Behold Israel

Looking for a good read while stuck at home? I recently read Amir Tsarfati’s new book, The Day Approaching: An Israeli’s Message of Warning and Hope for the Last Days, and recommend it.

There may be none more uniquely positioned to share insight into Middle East happenings and how they relate to Bible prophecy than Amir Tsarfati. As a young IDF officer, his role was prominent in a significant moment in Israel’s history. As one of Israel’s most sought-after tour guides, he expertly articulates the history of Israel, as well as the Biblical significance of holy sights. As an Israeli Messianic Jew whose home literally overlooks the Valley of Armageddon, and as founder of Behold Israel, Amir’s teaching ministry takes him all over the world to spread the truth of God’s Word and to prepare the Bride of Christ for the soon return of our Bridegroom. Find out more about Behold Israel here, and view a short video of his powerful testimony of salvation here.

The Day Approaching is Amir’s second book, following The Last Hour. His latest book focuses on Jesus’ Second Coming (following the Tribulation) and the Millennial Kingdom. In typical style, each chapter adequately and accurately references Scripture as Amir guides the reader toward understanding God’s plan of the end times.

Emphasis is placed on apostasy in the church and warnings against it. While avoiding doomsday overtones, truth is spoken in love with a comfortable tone, but leaves no doubt that Jesus is the only answer to the trials and tribulations this world faces and will face in the times to come.

You will find the Table of Contents and the first couple chapters of the book here. Take it for a test drive! If you are a new believer or a mature believe wanting to dig deeper into what God’s Word says about the last days, this is a great choice. I recommend it.

The book is available in paperback and electronic version via most online book distributors, as well as Behold Israel’s website.


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