City of David and Hezekiah’s Tunnel

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Navigating Hezekiah’s Tunnel

One of my favorite places in Israel is the City of David, the location of the ancient palace and city of Israel’s greatest king, King David. While tourists flock to the Old City to see sites such as Temple Mount, the Western Wall, and other important Biblical sites, archaeologists have been busy the past decade or so excavating the ancient city that was Israel’s seat of religious and governmental activity prior to the building of Solomon’s Temple on Temple Mount.

One of the incredible finds there is Hezekiah’s Tunnel. Before and during David’s reign, the Gihon Spring was the only water source in the area and, thus, a target by enemy forces who wanted to conquer the area. The spring was outside the city walls, so a tunnel was built to connect the Gihon Spring to the Pool of Siloam, keeping citizens safely inside city walls when attacked by enemy forces.

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Hezekiah’s Tunnel, from the Gihon Spring to the Pool of Siloam

As seen in the diagram above, Hezekiah’s Tunnel was not dug in a straight line, yet crews working from both ends managed to connect perfectly in the middle! (Just another “God Story” in His amazing provision for His people.)

Last November, while touring Israel, about half my group waded through Hezekiah’s Tunnel to get the full sense of the miraculous excavation of that tunnel. It truly is amazing, so I want to take you there virtually!

AnaRina Heymann, a renown expert on the City of David, is often found describing the discoveries that dot the ancient city. Here, she describes and sends you on an exploration of the tunnel. Enjoy!

PS: Want to visit this place yourself? Lord willing, and once the current crisis is over, our next Israel trip is tentatively scheduled for February 19 – March 2, 2021. Join us for the trip of a lifetime! (More information and registration will be posted on our EXPERIENCE ISRAEL Tour page, once flight options are put in place.)

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