The Week that Changed the World – Episode 3

Hi friends! If you have followed along, you are aware of the 3-part series entitled The Week that Changed the World we have highlighted recently. I’m so happy to have stumbled upon this series by Dr Wayne Stiles. In his easy-going, gentle style, he provides a virtual tour of Jerusalem sights that were significant during the last week of Jesus’ earthly life…the week that changed the world.

If you have been to Israel, these videos will take you back to familiar places and help you process things that occurred that fateful week. If you have never been to Israel, these videos serve as the lens through which to gaze upon the sights that played host to the world-changing events.

The third and final episode has now been released. You will find all three episodes here:

The Week that Changed the World

Also, consider studying with us through VISION 2020. The latest study guide, Looking Back, Looking Forward, parallels much of what you see in these videos and provides an opportunity to dig deeper into God’s Word.

If you would like to go to Israel to see the sights with your own eyes, keep an eye on our EXPERIENCE ISRAEL Tour page. The next tour is penciled in for February 19-March 2, 2021. Once the C-19 crisis has subsided, we anticipate airlines releasing flight schedules and fares. At that point, tour details will be finalized and an official announcement will be made! Come go with us!

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