From Israel…with Love (at No Cost)

Israel's Teva on FDA blacklist of drugmakers creating barriers to ...

When things get a little crazy in our world, who shows up with blessings? Israel! Genesis 12:3 tells us that God’s mandate to the followers of Abraham is that they will bless all the families of the world.

We know the greatest blessing ever is Jesus the Messiah…the Jewish carpenter’s Son, born of a virgin, who came to take away the sins of the world. That is most assuredly the greatest blessing ever.

But, consider how Israel seems to consistently be the one to reach out to other nations in times of crisis. Now, they reach out to us in America! God bless them!

Check out what they are doing to help us fight the coronavirus:

Teva Donates Potential Coronavirus Treatment to Hospitals Across the US

According to that article, those pharmaceutical resources are to begin arriving today! Take a moment right now to praise God for the blessings He pours out through the Jewish people.

2 thoughts on “From Israel…with Love (at No Cost)

    1. Genesis 12:3 at its best! As a response, woe to America if we ever stop standing with Israel! And the Bible says a day will come when Israel stands alone. I pray we are out of here before then, as that will get ugly!

      Have a blessed day, Dee!

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