Is the Coronavirus a Sign of the End Times?

Hi friends! I’ve heard legitimate questions, and I’ve heard gloom and doom centered around the coronavirus (COVID-19) and end times prophecy.

In situations like this, it seems very wise to consider what God’s Word has to say before jumping to conclusions. Though “coronavirus” is not specifically mentioned in Scripture, there are references to pestilences and plagues that will occur during the Tribulation (yet to come), and of course there are lots of passages telling us how we should live in the midst of chaos, hype and hysteria.

In much prayer, I have pulled together lots of information and filtered it through the lens of Scripture to come up with a current study guide regarding the virus and end times prophecy. It now appears as study guide #05 in our VISION 2020 series, just in time for the weekend!

I hope you find it helpful, and above all, I pray ultimately the Lord will be glorified despite all that is happening in our world today. We need a pathway, and only our Sovereign Lord can provide that. My prayer is this study guide will provide a bit of guidance and a lot of encouragement as we navigate days we have never navigated before. Just like after 9/11, it seems our world will change forever.

Let’s pray “forever” (as we know it on this earth) doesn’t last long! Is this one final wake up call to Christians to be about our Father’s business until He sends Jesus to meet us in the air? We don’t know. But what we DO know is we are told to be ready. May this crisis prepare us, not scare us!

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