Antisemitism and Christianity – A Viewpoint of One for Israel

Hi friends! A couple days ago I introduced you to Erez Soref, founder of One for Israel, and today I encourage you to learn a bit more about this incredible ministry, to whom God has given a very special calling.

One for Israel is a ministry made up of native Israelis committed to sharing Yeshua (Jesus) with Jews and Arabs in Israel. Yet their greatest adversary may be Jewish rabbis who attack continually. The video below will explain why.

Sadly, an adversary on the other end of the spectrum is Christians who truly love Israel, but who believe Jews do not need Jesus. Their argument is that Jews have their own covenant with the Lord, thus, can be saved by keeping the law and do not need Jesus. It sounds ridiculous to those of us who understand the gravity of living under the law, yet that is reality in how some Christians view God’s plan for the Jews. It could not be further from the truth.

Dr Eitan Bar, another key leader at One for Israel, talks about antisemitism and the church. Perhaps you think it doesn’t exist, but think again! The video is worth the time and causes us to consider how we view God’s chosen people. Take a look:

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