Guess Who Showed up in Damascus Yesterday?

Image result for putin in damascus

Yes, that is Russian President Vladimir Putin sitting with Syrian President Bashar Assad at a meeting in Damascus. Read about his visit here: Putin Makes Surprise Visit to Damascus to Meet Assad as Mideast Boils

The article reports:

“In his conversation with Assad, Putin noted that we can now say with confidence that a huge distance has been traveled toward restoring Syrian statehood and the country’s territorial integrity.”

~ Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov

Oh really? Then why can the Syrian government not control the country without Russian military might saturating what was once Syrian borders? Why is there more Russian military presence in Syria today than ever before?

Take a close look at the picture above. Who seems to be in a posture of control? Furthermore, it is very hard to tell, but is that Putin’s picture hanging in the center (power position) in the background…in Damascus Syria? (Perhaps not, but the likeness is striking.) Where is Assad’s picture?

Make no mistake: for all intent and purpose, Russia is fully in control of Syria. No one makes a move there without Russian knowledge and influence. While we don’t know for certain why Putin was there, it seems to make sense that, given the demise of IRGC commander Qassem Soleimani, Putin is doing what Putin does best…moving right into a position of power when a vacuum is created.

Signs of the times. It will not be long until Iran desperately needs to ride Russia’s coattails. Russia provided huge resources (scientific, monetary, material) for the building of Iran’s nuclear program. Don’t think that Iran won’t continue looking to Russia to provide what they can’t provide themselves.

Meanwhile, gas is flowing in Israel and Netanyahu and Israel’s top energy official just signed a blockbuster deal with Greece and Cyprus to build the MedEast gas pipeline that could easily supply natural gas to Europe at a fraction of the cost for Russian supply. To date, selling natural gas to Europe has been a huge part (some say up to 25%) of Russia’s economy.

How long before a power-hungry, extremely-frustrated Russian leader, an economically-flattened Iranian regime, and a Turkish president who wants to rule the Muslim world make their move on Israel? (Think I made that up? Study Ezekiel 38.)

After all, they are all camped out in the land of Putin (Syria) right now!

Nonetheless, our God reigns and we must be prepared to tell a chaotic world the Good News of Jesus Christ! He has not forgotten His chosen people, and He has not forgotten His Christ-followers! What are you doing to tell the world His story?

Try reading Isaiah 42:5-13 without giving glory to the Lord and declaring His praises! I’m not sure it’s possible!

Be blessed…and keep looking for the Blessed Hope!

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