Part 3 – Understanding the Future

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God will not reject His people! That is a critical element to understanding the future because, if God rejects them, what assurance do we have that He will not reject us? We have a glorious future because God is faithful!

To illustrate that, let’s take a quick look back at the three covenants we have discussed previously. These lead to a very significant fourth covenant.

Those three covenants are like a 3-legged stool: if any of the legs are missing, the entire stool becomes useless! God used these three covenants to carry out His mission:

  • Abrahamic Covenant: Covenant of Decision. God Himself decided to provide a means of redemption (salvation) to us!
  • Mosaic Covenant: Covenant of Instruction. Because mankind fails to understand/recognize our need for salvation, God gave Moses the law which serves as our tutor.
  • New Covenant: Covenant of Ability. Through the blood, the death, the burial and the resurrection of Jesus, we have the ability to step into salvation.

Had God not made a DECISION to provide redemption, the other two covenants would be meaningless. Without the Covenant of INSTRUCTION given to Moses, mankind would not realize a need for salvation. If Jesus has not died for our sins and risen again for our everlasting life, we would lack the ABILITY to enter into covenant relationships with God! It takes all three…and He provided all three in view of a fourth great covenant: the Davidic Covenant, the Covenant of Triumph!

We will dive into that covenant and all it has in store tomorrow! Join us back here as we study together. See you then!

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