Is the Sea of Galilee Drying Up?

When in Israel, I have seen the low levels at the Sea of Galilee.  Some are fearful that the Sea of Galilee may soon drop below a level at which irreversible damage may be done to the ecosystem.

Here is a report from one of the news channels in Israel:

While I don’t necessarily agree with every statement made in the newscast, these types of reports are becoming more and more frequent.

I find Biblical significance in reports of this nature.  Scripture tells us of famines, earthquakes and various natural disasters that will take place during end times.  The lack of water is just one of many possibilities upon and earth that is groaning for the Lord’s return.

Thus, this serves as a reminder to pray on two different fronts.  First, it is good to pray for Israel’s resources, including water.  Ultimately, though, we know things of this earth will pass away.  Therefore, it should also remind us to pray for salvation of the Jews, Arabs and others in the region (and around the world).  Indeed, we see preparations for the Lord’s return and time is short.  Let’s be people of prayer!

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