Take Advantage of Yad Vashem’s Free Online Class on Antisemitism

Image result for antisemitism from its origin to the present

Hi friends!  I want to encourage you to take advantage of a fantastic opportunity to deepen your knowledge of the Holocaust (what led up to it, how it happened and the impact it had).  The Yad Vashem Holocaust Museum and International School for Holocaust Studies is offering a free online course entitled “Antisemitism: From its Origin to the Present,” and I highly recommend it.

In 2015 I had the tremendous privilege of attending a Christian Leaders Seminar at Yad Vashem, where I sat under the teaching of the world’s experts on Holocaust study.  The online course, of which I also partook about a year ago, was also developed by Yad Vashem staff.  It is very well done and, though you may not agree with every classmates’ comments, there is abundant opportunity to engage if you choose to.  Teaching sessions are taught online by world-renown experts, and you can access those teachings at your convenience.

The entire course is free, with no hidden charges, though there is an option to upgrade if you want a certificate of completion and unlimited access to course content.  For more information or to register, click here.  Why not jump in this weekend!  Enjoy!

PS: Check back tomorrow to find out why it is important to understand the issue of antisemitism and what you can do to combat it.

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