BDS: Alive and Well

Hi friends!  If you know much about Israel, you know there is a global movement to delegitimize Israel by destroying her economy and vitality.  That movement, instigated by the Palestinians and those who condemn Israel’s “occupation” of the land, is called the BDS (Boycott, Divestment, Sanction) Movement.

First, let’s be absolutely clear: the land “occupied” by Israel is Israel’s land, regardless of the angle taken to refute the fact.  Biblically, God promised the land to Israel for an everlasting possession.  (See God’s Appointed Role in History for IsraelMilitarily, and according to international law, Israel has won every war in which it has been attacked, legally taking possession of land, and often giving it back.  (See Week 4’s study of Looking for the Blessed HopeDiplomatically, Israel has bent over backwards in attempts to grant land to the Palestinians, only to meet with their “all-or-none” demands.  (See Is Israel the Obstacle to Peace in the Middle East)

Recent BDSSo the BDS Movement stands on a ridiculous premise.  While it may not be everyday, headline news, just know that it is being propagated on college campuses (especially in the US, where freedom of speech allows it) and in big name companies around the world every single day.

But, let’s examine the BDS Movement a bit more carefully to see what merit it may or may not have:


So, to repeat the question: Would the Israel-haters ever inconvenience themselves by giving up all that Israel has given them?  Would Honda and Axa give up their computers, cell phones and other Israeli-developed technology?  Not on your life!  The BDS Movement is simply evil hypocrisy at its best.

PS:  Fresh news of the day: yet another Israeli innovation.

Israeli Bandages that Stop Bleeding Within Seconds Now Sold Globally

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