Time Magazine Tags Macron “The Next Leader of Europe”

Next Leader of Europe Emmanuel Macron Time Magazine Cover

Hi friends!  We’re in the midst of a mini-study I’ve dubbed “Bring the King Home,” where we are focusing on the return of Jesus as King of Kings.  The Bible tells us that He will come again to rule and reign for 1,000 years on earth after the great chaos of the Tribulation.  We also know the antichrist will rule during that time of Tribulation.

However, this post is NOT part of the study!  (Tune in each morning [Arizona time] for those posts.)  Despite not being part of the study, I find God’s timing amazingly impeccable at times!  As believers and followers of Jesus Christ, we know that one day we will be snatched from this world to meet Him in the air.  (1 Thessalonians 4:13-18)  The world will then give way to the antichrist, who will make a 7-year peace treaty with Israel and the Tribulation will commence.

Some believe the antichrist could be alive in the world today.  Maybe…maybe not.  (For believers, it matters not, as we will not be here when the antichrist is revealed.)

Some believe French President Emmanuel Macron could be the antichrist.  After all, the antichrist will arise out of Europe, and the EU seems to be a fitting platform upon which he will stand.  While I am not willing to state that he is THE antichrist, he seems to be a prototype.  (Find out more about why I say that here, here and here.)

Above is the latest cover of Time magazine, and this is the second time Macron has graced the cover of a major magazine since becoming president of France less than a year ago.  Previously, he was shown walking on water on the cover of The Economist.  Furthermore, the article in this issue, At Home in the World, paints a picture of a staunch globalist (which the antichrist will be), rising from nowhere on the coattails of the world’s richest and most elite, and with agendas (such as  climate change and creating a powerful EU) intended to bring unity under the power of one man.  (Read the article and see if you find characteristics of one who hopes to rule the world.)

So, why do I share this in the middle of a mini-Bible study on the return of Jesus?  Because we see the stage being set for that very thing!  Jesus will physically return to earth to establish the Millennial Kingdom AFTER the tribulation (in which the antichrist has had his heyday)!  The rapture happens BEFORE the tribulation!  Thus, our study of the coming of King Jesus is so timely…and we see why.

As Amir Tsarfati has said, “When you see Christmas decorations appearing in stores and lights on houses…you know that Thanksgiving is just around the corner!”  Dear friends, the rapture is just around the corner because we see the signs of the tribulation!  Follow along with us as we study about King Jesus’ return.  But more importantly…be ready!  We do not know the day or the hour in which He will take us from this earth to meet Him in the air.

Live as though it is today!

4 thoughts on “Time Magazine Tags Macron “The Next Leader of Europe”

      1. Ruth L

        You’re welcome. I just found your site this evening after a friend sent me a screen shot of the cover of Time. Blessings!

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