Decision America Tour: Arizona

The Decision America Tour is arriving in my home state tomorrow, and I hope everyone in the Phoenix AZ area will join us at the capital!  Franklin Graham will be here in person, encouraging us to live out our faith by upholding our Christian values, including at the ballot box.  He will also lead us in prayer for our great state as we prepare to cast votes next Tuesday.

I think I’m stating the obvious when I say that it is important for us as believers to live out our faith in a manner pleasing to the Lord EVERY day.  However, as we approach these elections, I’m burdened for our country, the direction it is headed, and potentially the lack of sound, Godly leadership that is necessary for America to continue being the blessed nation we have been for 240 years.  My prayer is that Arizona, my home state, is ripe for a great awakening, and I hope you will either join us at the capital today, or pray from afar!

Friday, March 18, 2016: Phoenix AZ

  • Nearly half of the population of Arizona have never gone to church or have left the church.
  • Only 21% of Arizonans say they pray, read the Bible, and attend church each week.
  • Among Christians in the state, 67% consider themselves nominal Christians.
  • 1206 people died from drug use in 2012.

“Gracious Lord Jesus, we have forsaken You, Your Word, and gathering with Your people.  Forgive us, we pray.  We need a refreshing revival.  We need to be re-connected to You.  Some need to connect with You for the first time.  We pray first for those who profess salvation in You.  Lord, please draw them back to Your side, and bring them back into fellowship with other believers.  For those who don’t know You, please open their eyes to Your truth and send out Your message of Good News through faithful believers.  Grant us all an unquenchable hunger and thirst for Your Word and Your Truth so that we grow in the grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ.  Father, will You use us, also, to reach out to those struggling with drug and alcohol issues, to offer Your grace and forgiveness, that they might turn from harmful drugs to the Lord of Life!  Light the spark right here in Arizona, we pray!

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