Interesting News around the World!!

Wow, LOTS of relevant news is happening around the world while we’re here in the Epicenter! We’re seeing and hearing prophetic news out of Russia and the Ukraine, Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, is in Washington D.C. discussing Israel-Palestinian issues and Iran, and North Korea tested missiles a few days ago.

However, we’ve heard news you likely haven’t heard. First, recall our visit to Unit 217, Israel’s elite strike force in the West Bank. (See my blog from a couple days ago regarding that visit.) While there, they informed us that they were actively preparing a mission, but could not tell us anything about it. Today, we got news that that unit just took down the #2 terrorist in the West Bank! They got him alive and he is now being interrogated. Israeli intelligence was spot on, and that team was precise in their mission!

Secondly, we got word from Amir about the Israeli interception of missiles on an Iranian vessel, headed to Sudan and ultimately the Gaza Strip. We are watching Fox News and MSNBC while preparing for dinner and have yet to hear that news on TV!

Again, Israeli intelligence and precision takes a back seat to no one, including the US. Small and mighty, yes. But more importantly, the hand of God Himself is upon them. This is His land and His people. Not to say they will never lose a battle, but they will never ultimately lose the war. God is on their side, and the world would be wise to join them!

God blesses those who bless Israel, and curses those who curse Israel. (Gen 12:1-3). Oh that the US would wake up to that fact. Please pray!

One thought on “Interesting News around the World!!

  1. Linda Spring

    Kym, we heard this news this morning…I forget the source, but I did hear it. I think it was a Christian radio station.

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