In the Footsteps of Jesus

Today, we ran where Jesus walked! On a trip like this you want to see all there is, and to do so requires fast-paced days! Our day began at the Mount of Beatitudes, followed by visits to Tabgha, and Capernaum. It is simply impossible to recount all we saw and learned, but I will do my best to hit the high-lights.

Tagbha is one of my favorite places in all of Israel. On the northwest shore of the Sea of Galilee, seven warm springs flow into the Sea. When combined with the cold water from the snow melt on My Hermon to the north, it makes the perfect temperature for good fishing. It was at Tabgha that Jesus called his first disciples, Peter, James and John…all fishermen.  It is the area where Jesus restored Peter after Peter’s denial, where Jesus encountered the fishermen to “cast their nets on the other side, and where Peter jumped out of the boat to rush to shore when he recognized Jesus. Seeing the site creates pictures in my mind that will never go away! The Bible comes alive.

Mark 2 identifies Capernaum as Jesus’s hometown, though Jesus actually had no home.  But it was in a 7 square mile “golden triangle” of Capernaum, Korizim, and Bethsaida that about 75% of Jesus’s ministry took place. Jesus taught in the synagogues all over that region. Below is the more-recent synagogue built on the foundation of the synagogue in which Jesus taught in Capernaum.

IMG_20140301_121926_835 (1)

Jesus also performed many miracles in and around Capernaum, including in Peter’s house, where He lived when in Capernaum. Peter’s house has now been excavated and can be seen today in Capernaum. Though the picture is not as good as I hoped, Peter’s house is under the structure in the picture below. This picture was taken from the synagogue, and notice the tiny excavated houses in the neighborhood between the synagogue and Peter’s house!



Stay tuned for more news from today. Slalom!


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